Mimo bite the experience is a dream realised for two chefs:
Patricio Fuentes and Eneko Irizar.

Patricio Fuentes

Patricio is a Chilean living in the Basque Country, he has more than 20 years experience working in restaurant kitchens all over the world. Love and food brought him to the Basque Country and made him stay. He wanted to share his passion and knowledge with others and started teaching the secrets of Basque Cuisine to food and travel lovers more than 5 years ago. Now he has teamed up with Eneko to embark on a new and exciting culinary experience.

Eneko Irizar

Being part of the well-known Luis Irizar family made it hard for Eneko to fight his origins. His innate talent is only surpassed by his enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries of quality. He is always striving for better. You will feel welcome and captivated in his classes as he shares his extensive knowledge. We want you to enjoy the cooking experience as much as we do!

Mikel Martija

Born and raised in San Sebastian, Mikel has an inner passion for food. After studying in Luis Erizar Academy, he worked in Michelin Restaurants, Kokotxas and Alameda, worked with Eneko in Buenavista and lived two years in Philippines, where he became an expert in South East Asian Food. His passion for food is only comparable to his passion for surf. He is one of the best surfers in Zurriola! Book a class with Mimo and have a great time.

Lara Ibiricu

Lara Ibiricu will also join the team in this new venture, looking after the admin and making sure the booking process is smooth and easy for clients. She will be the point of contact for all enquiries and will be available right up to the day you have your class. Then our knowledgeable chefs will take over for an experience you won’t forget.

Alba García

After studying business, Alba moved to San Sebastián to specialise in Food Tourism. Since the very first day, she felt in love with the city and its gastronomy. Now, she joins the team to make sure you have everything you may need for your unforgettable experience and share with everyone the Mimo world in our social media accounts.


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